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From its inception in 1986, ABS has steadily expanded from 1000 square feet to over 12,000 square feet and from 3 cultured species to 12 species. As an intensive culture facility with six climate-controlled bays we are able to produce several million organisms per year and we are confident of our ability to supply your lab with test organisms of consistently high quality.


Saltwater Algae Culture

Several of the species raised at ABS require rotifers and other plankton for their larval stages, so we have implemented a cost-effective algae culture system to support our rotifer culture.

Fathead Minnow Brood Tanks

Our fathead minnow culture utilzes multiple recirculating systems and biofiltration to achieve maximum water quality with minimal water use.

Water Chilling System

Uniquely designed to ensure temperature-controlled water to our systems, we have developed a chiller system which supplies recirculated seawater to individual production tanks.

Topsmelt Production Tanks

Our topsmelt systems were developed to closely mirror requirements of light, temperature and water quality to maximize year-round topsmelt reproduction.

Brine Shrimp Hatching Vessel

ABS hatches approximately 100 pounds of brine shrimp annually to meet most of the nutritional requirements of our larval and juvenile fish and shrimp.

UV Sterilization Unit

Using commercially available UV filtration units, we are able to maintain each of our recirculating systems with minimal interference to production by limiting potential disease outbreaks from bacterial, algal or protozoan "blooms".

Facility Growth

Since 1986, Aquatic BioSystems has expanded from 2500 square feet to 12000 square feet adding species and production to support the research and regulatory requirements of both industry and educational institutions.


Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Aquatic BioSystems is strategically located to ensure timely access to test organisms through all U.S. time zones. Orders placed late afternoon Eastern time can easily be accommodated for next day delivery. Conversely, Pacific time zone clients can order as late as 4 p.m. (PST).


With regard to organism quality, our proximity to the Rocky Mountains allows us access to some of the highest quality water available in the country. This access to clean, low-contaminant water enhances our ability to raise and reproduce organisms of the highest quality.

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